6784 - Vogel & Noot Cultivator

6784 - Vogel & Noot Cultivator

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Vogel & Noot Cultivator (Scale 1:32), Release 2012.

Vogel & Noot cultivator for Siku remote controlled tractors. With Die- cast metal frame construction and plastic zinc and rotating rollers. The single axle chassis can be manually extended and is ready for transport when the cultivator elements are electronically raised, and returns to its working position when the cultivator elements are lowered. Servo powered raise and lowering function of the cultivator's elements in transport and work modes. Model features original detailing and agricultural track, with rubberized tyres. Suitable only for indoor use.

Once connected to the tractor via the data electrical cable supplied, it can then be operated via the tractors RC unit.

Suitable for all Siku Control Tractors.  It may not be suitable for some early Infra - red control models manufactured before 2008






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