Radio Control Information

Radio Control Information


There are Two Ranges in the Siku Radio Control Series.

  • Range 1. These are the entry models for the series  ( 6880  /  6881  /  6882  ) incorporating some of the features as used on Range 2.  Front and rear coupling devices are operated manually to allow all Siku 1:32 scale front accessories and trailers etc to be used.


  • Range 2. The rest of the series  6772   6726   6777   6778  uses the 2.4ghz system giving exceptional high quality of control and operation. The trailers and farm equipment product numbers 6780  /  6781  /  6782  / 6783  /  6784  /  6786  can be used on either of the transmission systems selected (Range 1 or 2) by using the data cable which is supplied with each product.

Product numbers  6880  /  6881  /  6882   will require 5 X AAA Batteries for operation, 3 required for the Tractor and 2 for the Remote Control Unit.

Product numbers  6722  /  6726   are supplied with the correct Siku Batteries ( 6702  /  6705  ) but the RC unit will require 4 X AA Batteries.

Product numbers 6777 John Deere 7R With Front Loader, and the 6778 Fendt Vario 939 With Front Loader will require 3 X AAA Batteries for operation of the Tractor and 4 X AA Batteries for the RC Unit.

Product number 6740 Crawler Excavator (Due in October 2016) will require 3 X C Batteries for operation and 4 X AA Batteries for the RC Unit

All remote control products carry a full year manufacturer’s warranty, details of this will be supplied with your order.

Full technical information on the Siku Radio Control Series can be obtained from the Siku Factory Website.

To view the Models in action please go to Siku Web TV the videos.